Dave Karger
April 11, 2009 AT 10:00 PM EDT

By now, several hundred thousand fans have checked out the latest mall-cop comedy, Observe and Report. And while most of you probably are still remarking at the similarities between Seth Rogen’s bipolar hero and Travis Bickle, or shuddering at the thought of that naked guy parading his bits around the mall, my strongest memories of the film involve two of Rogen’s leading ladies…and I’m not talking about the hilarious Anna Faris. To me the two MVPs of O&R are Celia Weston, who brings equal parts bawdy humor and real emotion to her performance as Rogen’s oft-toasted mom; and Collette Wolfe (pictured), who plays the adorable donut-shop cashier nursing a busted leg and a crush on Rogen. Wolfe, who’s the real-life love of the film’s director, Jody Hill, has a bit of a stock role — the misfit who turns out to be a hottie when she literally lets her hair down — but with her ultra-expressive features and terrific timing, she made me feel like I was watching a duckling-to-swan transformation for the first time.

For those of you who saw O&R last night, who was your favorite scene-stealer? Patton Oswalt as Wolfe’s temperamental boss? Aziz Ansari as Rogen’s mall nemesis, Saddamn? Or Crash costar Michael Peña as Rogen’s wingman with a secret?

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