Dalton Ross
April 13, 2009 AT 11:00 AM EDT

Tori Spelling and mom Candy both have new books out. But can EW’s resident Spelling expert, Jessica Shaw, guess which ridiculous excerpt comes from which book? We put her to the test on the latest episode of Must List Live! Why, it’s such an event that Tori herself even shows up with son Liam! We’re also chatting about my unhealthy obsession with Skins, paying homage to the twisted genius of The Cougar, and, oh, yeah — hanging out with live bears! But that’s not all: We’re continuing our big Comic-Con giveaway. Wanna win FREE passes to the big convention in San Diego this summer for both you and a friend? Want us to also include a free hotel room as well as passes to our awesome Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party? Fine! Done. Just watch the video below and, if you can name all four movies in our montage (and provide a haiku about one of the films), then you could be on your way. Any questions? Then check out our way-detailed and way-sexy contest rules. Good luck!

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