Simon Vozick-Levinson
April 14, 2009 AT 07:23 PM EDT

As a big fan of Eminem’s work, I’d normally be thrilled to hear that he’ll be performing live at this year’s MTV Movie Awards on May 31. My enthusiasm is slightly curbed in this case by the possibility that Em will be performing his fairly god-awful comeback single, “We Made You.” Still, I’m willing to give Marshall the benefit of the doubt for now. This performance will come just a week or so after his new album, Relapse, drops, and I’m assuming/hoping that “We Made You” isn’t indicative of the full album’s tone. So maybe Em will take this opportunity to remind us that he’s actually a hugely talented lyricist, not just a lowest-common-denominator jester. And, hey, given Eminem’s history at MTV awards broadcasts, chances are this will be a memorable night no matter what. Considering all that, I’m sure I’ll be tuning in. Will you?

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