Michael Ausiello
April 14, 2009 AT 05:14 AM EDT

Warning: Stop reading if you haven’t seen last night’s House. Everyone else, onward and downward…

As I’ve been teasing for much of the past week, Chase and Cameron broke up on tonight’s House. But as I’ve also been teasing for much of the past week, there was a humdinger of a twist that followed the duo’s split: They quickly got back together and engaged!

Holy bait and switch, Batman!

I know what you’re thinking: Does this mean Jesse Spencer will make good on the promise he made earlier this year to up and quit should the day come when Cam and Chase march down the aisle? What?! You don’t recall him making such a threat? Allow me to copy and paste his exact quote again:

“If there is [a very special Chase-Cam wedding episode], I’m out. I’ll walk. I’m

freaking done. I think they are wary about getting into too much

relationship stuff. It’s a procedural show at its core. That’s why

people like it. That’s why I like to watch it.”

Hmm… was Spencer just being his usual silly self or does he know something about where the Cam-Chase story is headed that we don’t? Interestingly, Spencer also went on to predict that due to “[exec producer] David Shore’s general disdain for life, you can rest

assured that what we won’t be doing next season is getting happy. You

won’t see Chase and Cameron making a home and having babies and other

greeting card stuff.”

Added Jennifer Morrison: “We’ve been happy for way too long for this

show. Something is probably coming. I can’t imagine that some

happy-go-lucky fairy tale is in store for Chameron. I think [David Shore] will

probably find some very unique bizarre way to make us miserable.”

Whatever happens next (bachelor party!), I would advise Chameron fans to enjoy their favorite couple’s pre-honeymoon honeymoon period while it lasts. I would also advise them to answer the following Qs in the comments section: Was the episode everything

you hoped it would be and more? Do you think their engagement will lead

to an actual wedding? Was Cameron being honest about her feelings (or lack thereof) for House? Do you hope Amber’s ghost sticks around at least as long as Denny’s did? Sound off below!

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