Ken Tucker
April 14, 2009 AT 05:09 PM EDT

An HBO movie about the recent Presidential race, with actors portraying Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Hillary and Bill Clinton? Variety is reporting just such a project, based on a book that doesn’t exist yet, but it does have a title: Game Change: Obama And The Clintons, McCain And Palin, And The Race Of A Lifetime. The book is being written by Time Magazine editor-at-large Mark Halperin and New York Magazine political correspondent John Heilemann.

Given HBO’s Emmy-winning success with political movies such as Recount and John Adams, this makes sense from a show-biz point of view, and Charles Leavitt, who’ll adapt the book, is quoted as saying, “It’s funny to call Obama and Hillary characters, but that’s how I have to look at them.”

Now, so do we. So what famous actors would you cast as Obama (don’t take the easy way out and say Fred Armisen), McCain, the Clintons, and Palin. (Personally, I’ve always thought Megan Mullally would do a righteous Sarah Palin.)

Who would you cast?

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