Ken Tucker
April 14, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Okay, this morning I asked you who should be cast in HBO’s upcoming movie of the upcoming book Game Change: Obama And The Clintons, McCain And Palin, And The Race Of A Lifetime. Interesting responses from you, readers. So far:

• The Obama-actor vote is split between Will Smith (he’s got the slimness down, for sure) and Dollhouse‘s Harry Lennix (he’s got the direct gaze, for sure).

• John McCain: Surprisingly (to me, anyway), a number of you said James Caan (me, I always think of Caan in two films, The Godfather and Thief, so he’s not an automatic McCain-impersonator in my mind, but there you go).

• Sarah Palin: looks like a Tina Fey landslide — you weren’t buying my Megan Mullally suggestion.

• Hillary Clinton: Annette Bening is pulling ahead of Meryl Streep!

Special thanks to commenter “Meier” for his terrific write-in vote: Michael Chiklis as Joe the Plumber.

These results are not final; there’s still time to vote before the polls close. Thank you and have a nice day.

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