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'The Golden Girls' gets remade in Turkey...at last!

Finally. You guys, finally. Turkey has created its own version of the classic sitcom The Golden Girls! According to Variety, it’s only a 13-part miniseries there, unlike the 180-part megaseries it was here, but still: Some GG is better than no GG. (Also true for Gilmore Girls. Too soon tell if it’s true for Gossip Girl.)

I really, really hope one of the episodes they adapt is “A Little Romance.”

I still DVR episodes here and there, and the show’s humor stands up surprisingly well, plus the constant set-up/punchline rhythm is like sitcom comfort food – when it’s good, there’s nothing better; when it’s crappy, it makes you a little nauseous; and you’ll never truly outgrow your taste for it.

In case that didn’t meet your RDAoBA (recommended daily allowance of Bea Arthur, duh): please enjoy Bea-utiful.