Ken Tucker
April 15, 2009 AT 05:41 PM EDT

For me, Kathy Griffin is one definition of “acquired taste.” I used to detest her braying caw of a voice, her raunch-without-wit stand-up act. I found her shamelessness as a B-lister posing as a D-lister yearning to be an A-lister a joke that got old quickly.

But recently, I had a small change of heart. Her New Year’s Eve co-hosting duty with CNN’s Anderson Cooper proved to be bawdily delightful: it was like watching Rhoda Morgenstern turn on Mary Richards, fangs sharpened.

Tonight, Griffin virtually takes over Bravo’s prime-time with a new comedy special, Kathy Griffin: She’ll Cut A Bitch, followed by her hosting of Bravo’s A-List Awards. I’ve seen She’ll Cut, and it doesn’t have me rolling in the aisles. The endless routine about sucking up to Cher (“I queened out on her so hard”) seems to exhaust even the crowd that came to see her. On the other hand, I laughed at the joke that gives her special its title (teeny spoiler alert: the person who’ll “cut” is Judge Judy, whom Kathy’s mother worships).

Griffin can also be explosively funny when placed in a sanitary setting like any awards show, where her irreverence toward celebrity is bracingly refreshing.

So where do you stand, reader? Kathy Griffin: do you like her, or are you sick of her schtick?

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