Kate Ward
April 15, 2009 AT 11:00 PM EDT

Believe it or not, Dr. Oz is not the reason “Muppet Scat” was a popular search term on Google this morning. Nope, you have Jon Stewart to thank for the sudden appearance of the surprisingly non-feces-related phrase. After Stewart played a clip of the Muppets singing “Mahna Mahna” — while trying to determine exactly how to pronounce Manama, the home of a U.S. navy base — he dared viewers: “If you Google search ‘Muppet’ and ‘scat,’ that might not be what comes up. Try it. You know what? Pause the TV now. I’ll wait.”

Apparently, viewers did indeed follow his direction, which makes me wonder: when it comes to Comedy Central icons, who’s more powerful: Stewart, or his faux conservative rival, Stephen Colbert? Stewart does manage to garner most of the glory — thanks to hard interviews with the likes of Jim Cramer — but Colbert Nation will do anything their Papa tells them. Not only have they voted en masse to get a space station room named in his honor — NASA told Colbert yesterday they would be naming a treadmill for him instead — but Colbert Nation has also been responsible for getting a hockey mascot and a Hungarian bridge named after the host (the Republic of Hungary ended up going for a different name, but gifted Colbert a Hungarian passport for winning the official race).

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