Michael Slezak
April 16, 2009 AT 06:43 AM EDT

First things first: Wouldn’t it have been nice if Idol‘s producers had let Jennifer Hudson have a second number to showcase those powerhouse pipes? I mean, ear-monitor issues and all, the woman 1-900-Sang-What-She-Brang*. Secondly, about tonight’s bottom three: Pretty predictable, no? [West coasters beware…SPOILERS ahead!] Poor Anoop may have hit all the notes on “(Eveything I Do) I Do It for You,” but I think he realized tonight he’s playing for fifth-place, maybe fourth if he’s lucky. And Lil, well, she was lucky that a certain blue-eyed soulster received fewer votes than her, seeing how her extended sass-back session last night was probably a “canceled” stamp across her “Judges’ Save” ticket. And speaking of the elusive Simon & Co. veto, was anyone else surprised they choose to use it? I wasn’t particularly, though what did shock me was the little tear that appeared in the corner of my eye after Simon delivered his reprieve? Am I just a big softie at heart, or has this emotionally chilly season left my tear ducts vulnerable to even the slightest stimulation? Share you thoughts in the comments section below, and if you’d like to be an Idolatry call-in guest this week, shoot me an email (and let me know what you’d like to talk about) at idolatry@ew.com. Holla! Hey-ey!

* J.Hud’s performance will cost you two hearty snaps for the first 60 seconds, and one snap apiece for each additional minute. Respeck.

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