Michael Ausiello
April 16, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

You’ve been asking me, I’ve been asking myself, and finally, I’ve gone and asked Big Bang Theory executive producer Bill Prady: What the frak is the deal with Sheldon and Penny?


“We’re as baffled as Sheldon’s friends are by what his deal is,” never mind what his deal with Penny is, he says. “He doesn’t seem to have any interests that are particularly social, whether they are friendship ones or romantic ones.

“I will say this: In our season 2 opener, Sheldon was kind of shocked

when Penny casually acknowledged that the two of them were friends,” he

continues. “I think just for Sheldon and Penny to have what she will

acknowledge as a friendship is remarkable progress for him. She may be

the only friend he’s made in a while, so I think everyone’s going to

have to call that progress. Hoping for more may be way beyond



Note that Prady said “may be,” not “is.”


Also note that when Sheldon gets locked out of his apartment in the

April 27 episode, “The Vegas Renormalization” — Leonard, Koothrappali

and Wolowitz are, as the title suggests, in Sin City — the brainiac

shacks up with the girl next door. But what does it all mean,

especially in light of what Prady tells me in today’s AA about a potentially huge

advance in Leonard and Penny’s relationship in the season’s last two



“You never know,” he teases.


What do you think? Is BBT going to go there with Sheldon and Penny? Should they? Or would you be as heartbroken as Leonard? Comments below.

Oh, and if you’re going to submit your remarks in the form of a pie

chart or graph, please, jpgs only. Thanks. (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)


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