Michael Ausiello
April 17, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The list of awesome guest stars appearing in Grey’s Anatomy‘s two-hour finale on May 14 just got a little longer. At last night’s Big Bang Theory event at PaleyFest ’09, leading lady Kaley Cuoco revealed to EW exclusively that she’s Seattle Grace-bound.



“I am working on Grey’s Anatomy next week,” she confirmed. “It is a big ol’ secret. I have no clue what I am doing. I swear on my life that I have no idea what I am playing because it is the finale and they are keeping it under wraps until the last possible moment.”





Adding to the mystery, Cuoco said she didn’t even have to audition for the top-secret part. “They called me directly last week and asked if I would do a part on the finale episode,” she explains. “I didn’t hesitate because I am a fan of the show, and it’s a huge show so it’s probably good for the career, too. And I haven’t been able to do any drama in a long time.





“My guess is that I will be a patient of some kind,” she continues. “I’m practicing my scared-sad-I’m-dying face.”





Okay, guys, help me solve this mystery. Who do you think she’s playing? Personally, I’m not buying the random patient theory. Anyone can play that. This feels bigger. Think, people. We can do this! (Reporting by Carrie Bell)





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