Annie Barrett
April 17, 2009 AT 11:37 PM EDT

It’s one thing to exhibit slight amusement over the popular Facebook quiz “Which Muppet Are You?” but quite another to truly commit to that puppet’s persona via basic photo-editing tools and a general dearth of shame. So I sent out a prompt — Which Muppet are you? PROVE IT — via Twitter (I’m kind of into Twitter! I know, I know.), received some gems along the lines of reader Danny’s take on Sam the Eagle, pictured, and now want to throw it out to you. Click “Continue reading” to see a few more readers’ submissions and then, by all means, waste some time creating your own split-screen proof of Muppet heritage and post the link in the comments. Why wouldn’t you do that? It’s Glamour Shot Friday!

(Next week’s theme: animated Disney royalty. For inspiration, please refer to Prince Eric Jon Hamm. Send your side-by-sides in via email or Twitter.)

Beaker: Christi (pantherama)


Beaker: Friend of Abbie (abbiegail5214)


Elmo: Alex (Laa13laa), who claims: “Sad part is, this is my normal picture face.”


Animal: Sarah (SarahAlexis4)


Grover: Dennis N. (dennang)


Janice: Yours Truly (EWAnnieBarrett)

And, of course, the entire cast of 30 Rock.

Happy weekend!

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