Kate Ward
April 20, 2009 AT 09:19 PM EDT

Today, Empire Online released a first-look photo of a scene from Peter Jacksons’ upcoming adaptation of The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold’s novel about a murdered 14-year-old that narrates her family and killer’s goings-ons from heaven. The verdict? Meh. In the past, Jackson has proven himself to be so skillful a director, he can make a poo-on-a-stick look awe-inspiring on screen (and I am so big a fan that I would see an entire three-hour saga about poo-on-a-stick if Jackson were directing it). But this photo makes his take on heaven look a bit underwhelming and clichéd, especially when you consider that we saw the exact same version of the otherworldly locale in nearly every other film concerning the afterlife (1978’s Heaven Can Wait, for example). Of course, I’m being picky here, and yes, so far we only have this one photo to go on. But how can I not be a bit disappointed after seeing heaven’s awesome possibilities in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey?

Thoughts, PopWatchers? Are you as underwhelmed as I am?

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