Jennifer Armstrong
April 20, 2009 AT 11:53 PM EDT

Taking things from the Brits and making them our own has historically gone one of two ways: the Coupling way or the Office way. America’s Got Talent has taken the middle path on this: It’s a modest, inoffensive summer hit here for NBC, but has yet to take pop culture by storm the way its cousin American Idol clearly does. And now its progenitor, Britain’s Got Talent, has suddenly become an online phenom — last week it was Susan Boyle, this week it’s little Shaheen Jafargholi, and it’s only the first round of auditions — which brings up a whole host of questions: Are Brits inherently more talented than Americans? (Freakishly good Britney Spears impersonations aside, of course.) Has this been going on the whole time across the pond and we just weren’t paying attention? (Okay, we sorta paid attention that one time with that opera singer guy.) Is this just a lucky season for the show, whose ratings are up, and of course, online views have skyrocketed? Probably, but that just brings up the biggest question of all: How fast can BBC America get this season onto the air so we can see the Susan/Shaheen battle play out in all its glory, not confined to tiny YouTube clips?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Would you tune in to Britain’s Got Talent on American airwaves?

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