Margaret Lyons
April 21, 2009 AT 10:50 PM EDT

Hey, a clip from the new season of True Blood! I’m torn between being psyched and being a little embarrassed that I’m psyched because…True Blood isn’t always that good. It can be very sexy, and I have enjoyed it here and there, and Tara is aaaaawesome, but this clip bring back some bad memories:

…like how ear-assaultingly awful those accents are. This is worse than the cockney accents on Gossip Girl last night. Or how confusing Bill and Sookie’s relationship is: How can someone who’s over 100 years old be in love with someone so immature? I know she’s supposed to seem sweet and virginal and all, but she comes across as incapable of adult-level reasoning. “I’m WALKING!” stomp stomp stomp? Through the forest of goblins? She’s supposed to be our strong-willed heroine, but sometimes I think she could lose a head-to-head IQ test against Heidi Montag.

That said, the clip sure was spooky — TB does moody and supernatural really well — and I am incredibly curious what the badly manicured woodland beast is.

What about you, PopWatch nation? Can’t wait to sink your teeth into the new season of True Blood? Or does True Blood just bite?

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