Jeff Jensen
April 22, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Yep, me again, blathering about Lost. Again. But this time, I come with something somewhat substantial to fill your Lost void. ABC is planning to post the show’s weekly video podcast at tomorrow, but a little bird just told me that if you go over to YouTube, you can watch it, like, now! (See it embedded below.) I can’t promise you that you’ll glean any insight about next week’s eagerly anticipated episode, “The Variable,” beyond the fact that it happens to mark Lost’s 100th episode. In fact, I can kinda promise you that you’ll learn nothing besides that fact. But it does feature Evangeline Lilly ruminating on the whole Jack vs. Sawyer debate for Kate. Doc Jensen readers will know that the love triangle (or quadrangle, if you toss Juliet in the mix) is, for me, one of the least interesting aspects of Lost. But I must admit, I got a chuckle out of hearing Lilly say the word “Jater.” So check it out. Besides, what else is there to do today? (And remember: a new Doc Jensen column on Friday.)

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