Mandi Bierly
April 23, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

I’m not sure why I’m resisting the switch to Blu-ray. I have an HDTV, and my DVD player is on the verge of crapping out, so, technically, I could upgrade to a machine that handles both formats with little to no guilt. I guess it’s because I feel like it’s being forced on me. I get press release after press release announcing the titles hitting Blu-ray, as though it’s just assumed that I have one.

Today, my battle came to a head in a Blockbuster store. I had to go rent five Matthew McConaughey movies (don’t ask) and because the store had to display all of its Blu-ray titles prettily, the older films on DVD were now just stacked in horizontal piles on the shelves. The alphabetization was so bad that I actually decided to accept a salesman’s offer to help look for my five Matthew McConaughey movies. He told me that it was his second day on the job, which, I’m assuming, is why he didn’t feel comfortable enough to harass me about my picks. Netflix has never looked so good. 

Is your Blockbuster or local video store all Blu-ray’d out? Have you made the switch? If not, what’s stopping you? (I think part of my problem is also that even though the machines are dual compatible now, one day, they won’t be. I don’t want to sit and look longingly at my Kids in the Hall boxed set like I do at the VHS copy of the 1986 movie Separate Vacations that I bought even though I don’t actually own a working VCR.)

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