Ken Tucker
April 23, 2009 AT 06:55 AM EDT

Cartman, under the impression that Somalia’s pirates are the old walk-the-plank, eye-patch-wearing, skull-and-crossbones flying sort, dragooned a bunch of pals all the way around the world, only to find indigent North Africans wracked by disease and poverty. It was a fine South Park, complete with an excellent, profane pirate song (“We’ll cut off your c— and feed it to a croc”), and predictable but no less funny depictions of the French as pretentious cowards.

The line everyone will be talking about was the single, impeccably vicious swipe at the media coverage of Susan Boyle: little Ike said if he had to hear one more time about her performance, he’d, um, do something involving vomit and testicles.

And then, in a moment meant to echo news events, South Park did one of the things it does best: It made you feel badly for humans who’ve recently been our enemies. A group of American sharpshooters picked off a slew of Somali pirates, each killed with a single bullet. This stunned the mouthy Cartman and his pals into silence, and as the credits rolled, I’ll bet a lot of living rooms were silent, too.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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