Christine Spines
April 25, 2009 AT 04:26 AM EDT

We were just as relieved when Universal revealed its new Bruno poster today as when we got our first look at the movie’s brilliant red-brand trailer. Despite our impossibly high standards for Sacha Baron Cohen’s follow-up to 2006’s outrageous and gut-bustingly astute Borat, so far Brüno is right on the money.

The peeks we’ve gotten of the comedy — which chronicles the flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter’s travels across America — feel related to Borat without being stale or repetitive. It’s like meeting Borat’s raunchy, full-of-himself, city-dwelling, fashion-whoring gay cousin. The new one-sheet features Brüno standing straddle-legged in a Sound of Music-like field of yellow flowers, looking over his shoulder with an I’m-too-sexy-for-this-poster glance, a pair of micro-mini lederhosen riding up his derriere. In a semi-inspired touch, a URL at the bottom directs you to the film’s “MeinSpace” page.

It’s weird to say, but sometimes we’re happy to embrace being marketed to when it’s done so masterfully. What do you think, PopVatchers? Can you handle the fabulousness?

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