Mandi Bierly
April 25, 2009 AT 08:55 PM EDT

SPOILER ALERT! Just when I thought I’d made it through an episode of Ghost Whisperer without welling up, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Jim/Sam (David Conrad) found out that she was pregnant. The baby was conceived eight weeks ago, which in Ghost Whisperer time was before Jim died and stepped into Sam’s body. Melinda’s pregnancy was perhaps the worst-kept secret in TV land, since photos of Hewitt carrying a faux baby bump on set leaked, but the timing was still a pleasant surprise — at least to me. I hadn’t seen a promo. I hadn’t been thinking about the show or its direction since it was off the air for much of March and April. I thought we were just getting a fun episode about Delia, Eli, and Jim outing themselves as superfans of the soap opera filming in town.

What was your reaction to the baby news? Do you finally feel like this Jim/Sam storyline is paying off? I’ve felt like it was worth it since the episode that Jim remembered that he was Jim (and not just because that particular moment found Conrad wearing a wet T-shirt and using his soft Jim-voice again…well, maybe). But if you’ve been holding out, might the sight of Jim/Sam kneeling and proposing to Melinda next Friday break you?

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