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Ask Ausiello about 'House'

House_lWhat better way to celebrate the first original episode of House in two weeks (tonight @ 8 pm/EST) than with a special edition of AA that focuses solely on Dr. Grumpy and his band of merry misfits? There is no better way, silly!

Question: Would you please do a House-only AA? Look, I’ll even get it started: What is this “important decision” that House “struggles” with? House isn’t crazy… so what would cause him, (if anything), to go into a psych ward? –Kate
House-only AA? What a brilliant idea! And just to clarify, I never said House was for sure checking into a cuckoo’s nest. I was merely making an assumption after connecting a few dots. But if it turns out that he is headed to the funny farm, I would imagine an extreme case of insomnia might be behind it. And I do mean extreme: Poor guy hasn’t slept a wink since Kutner died.

Question: I haven’t been able to find any spoilers for tonight’s House. Do you know anything? –Sari

Ausiello: I know the ep focuses on Chase’s bachelor party, but Fox’s promo
already gave that away. What the promo didn’t reveal, however, is the
identity of the  person throwing the little shindig: House himself!

Question: Anything worth sharing on House? –Tim

Ausiello: A major character will suffer a life-threatening medical
emergency tonight. Hint: A clue about what triggers it can be found in
last week’s 30 Rock. Guesses? Head to the comments!   

Question: Is Chase’s bachelor party part of House’s hallucination? –Samantha

Ausiello: No. House also doesn’t imagine ordering Foreman and Thirteen
to go to a strip club to pick out the evening’s, ahem, entertainment.

Question: I’m a little shocked to see Wilson at Chase’s bachelor party in this promo. How’d that happen? –Craig

Ausiello: Let’s just say House arranged it so that he had no other choice.