Mandi Bierly
April 27, 2009 AT 06:58 PM EDT

Busy, busy night on Brothers & Sisters. Let’s get right into it. The most interesting storyline for me was actually the Holly-Sarah-Ryan work triangle. I truly believe that Holly had been trying to coexist peacefully at Ojai with Sarah — until Sarah jumped over Holly’s head and discussed an issue with the board before they spoke about it privately. After the way Sarah smugly dismissed Holly during their fight, when Holly lamented how the board will always side with Sarah because she’s a Walker, I didn’t like Sarah much. Like, I would’ve refused to go to Happy Hour with her, and my dream is to go to Happy Hour with Sarah, Kevin, and Kitty Walker. I just think Sarah needs to remember that Holly bailed her ass out of that bogus business deal to save Ojai and dropped the charges against Tommy. She hasn’t been evil lately. I felt a little guilty, but I thoroughly enjoyed Holly setting up Sarah to hire Ryan, who, under the bylaws, would get shares in the company and voting power on the board as William’s son. Brilliant move by Holly, who knew that Sarah would think Ryan was on the family’s side and that Holly wouldn’t want another “Walker” on staff. “Let me see if I have this right: You want me to authorize the hiring of another one of William’s children?” Ha! Cut to Holly suggesting that Rebecca also get shares and voting power to even the playing field.

Now, I have a few issues: (1) No idea why Rebecca would’ve suggested that Ryan, who was getting desperate for a job, work at Ojai. I’m feeling smothered by him just hearing him talk about sleeping on her couch. Now she wants to work with him, too? (2) Holly constantly underestimates Rebecca, who actually does have a somewhat objective sense of right and wrong. When Ryan told her that he took the job so Sarah would have a coronary when she saw him vote with Holly, she ran to tell Justin that he might be right: Ryan is a douche. (I’m paraphrasing.) (3) Why does Ryan want to stick it to the Walker children when they had NOTHING to do with his mother’s affair with William, and, hello, were actually pretty wounded by the man’s infidelity as well? Seeing him talk about hurting my dream drinking partner made me return to my senses, and I’m back on the opposite side of Holly where I belong. (Thank goodness Jason Ritter didn’t get/take the role of Ryan, which he’d reportedly went in for. I really don’t think I could a dislike a Ritter. Nor would I ever want to.)


Moving on, we can now discuss the Kitty-Robert-Alec love triangle. I felt like this episode was all about punishing me for wanting Kitty to leave Robert. First, Kitty and I got some tough love from Sarah, who told us to STAY AWAY FROM THE PARK because the feelings Kitty described having for Alec, regardless of whether they were real or rebound, were the start of the end of her marriage. Then, we got into a car accident after we drove Alec to sign the papers on his new house, which comes with the porch swing we’ve always wanted (me, since I saw Sleeping With the Enemy.) The crash, and Robert caring for Kitty’s airbag injuries, were enough to soften the wall she’d erected to keep him out and after her nap, they were going to go out for sushi. (I’ve now separated myself from Kitty because I don’t like sushi, you see.) Only there was a problem: Robert decided to be a dad and take Evan to the park, where he saw Alec, the father of the boy who’d just said hi to Evan, wearing bandages on his forearms like Kitty. I had to fast-forward. I couldn’t bear to watch Alec’s and Robert’s eyes meet. Punishment!

I’ve never been so happy that Robert is the most annoyingly levelheaded man on the planet. There was no screaming match when he got home. There was just him asking Kitty if she loves Alec. When she didn’t respond, he said there was nothing to say. Cut to Kitty later meeting Alec on our beloved porch swing. I thought we were there to say goodbye to him, but instead, we kissed him. He asked us what we were going to do and we said we didn’t know. Is this really love, or is Sarah right: when someone disappoints us, we just move on to the next shiny new thing? (I say Kitty and Robert go to counseling, and if he really won’t put her and Evan first, then no matter how hard they try, neither of them will be happy and they need to separate. I will do my own couseling for my use of “we” throughout those last two graphs. What can I say? I get invested.) 

Last and definitely least, we get to Julia’s goodbye. With Tommy gone, she’d missed $16,400 dollars in house payments and she, too, couldn’t find a job. Nora and Kevin were worried that she’d settle for moving back to Phoenix with her parents — as she’d done the first time she and Tommy had trouble — so Kevin took money out of his own 401K to save her home from foreclosure and Nora got her a job offer tutoring the sick children that would eventually come to the center. For a second, I thought Julia, baby Elizabeth, and the two ponies might officially move in with Nora but instead, Julia’s former college mentor offered her a job teaching at a private school in Seattle and she took it. As much as I’m ready to follow Julia’s lead and forget Tommy, I do appreciate that Nora is holding on. He is her son. Unconditional love means hanging his shirts in your home. Kevin told Scotty he’s done with Tommy, but I wonder if he’ll change his mind now that Julia has said she’ll tell Elizabeth that Uncle Kevin is her biological dad? (That made me like Julia. As did her parting words for Scotty: “We’ll always have Facebook.” NOW she has a sense of humor?)

So, what did you think of the episode? I’m assuming everyone’s favorite moment was when Kevin brushed the pony’s mane as he and Nora nervously waited for Julia? (Love him.) What are you expecting from the War of the Walkers: Ryan and Holly vs. Everyone Else on the Show? What should Kitty do now?

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