Ken Tucker
April 27, 2009 AT 03:37 PM EDT

Watched the second episode of the new second season of In Plain Sight last night, and I’m liking the fresh episodes more than last season. Mary McCormack has really settled into her U.S. Marshal role; during the debut season, I felt as though she was trying too hard to be tough and extravagantly neurotic a lot of the time (no mean feat when you’re acting opposite Lesley Ann Warren playing your mother). But now, McCormack has made some adjustments to her Mary Shannon — she’s still loud, tough, and doesn’t care who knows it, but she’s also got a sense of humor about herself.

Which may seem odd, given the fact that Shannon is supposed to be recovering from last season’s kidnapping. But in fact, that trauma is what’s enabled McCormack to fine-tune the character. Last night, she had great scenes with the psychologist appointed to approve Mary’s reinstatement, and I also enjoyed her desk-flipping tantrums that helped introduce the new office assistant, Eleanor (a welcome Holly Maples).

Mary’s partner, played by Frederick Weller, is also more likable, less pointlessly wiseguy-ish. And the episode had really nice acting from Kevin Rankin and (hello, Felicity alumni!) Amanda Foreman.

All in all, a good season so far. What do you think? Are you watching In Plain Sight?

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