Jennifer Armstrong
April 28, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Apparently, Mr. Big is coming back for more Sex and the City in the planned sequel, and there’s a certain comfort in that: It was tough not to root for Carrie and Big to finally tie the knot in the last movie, if for no other reason than that they’d worked so hard, for so long, to get to that satisfying “I Do.” (Plus, you know, he got her that closet!) And it’s hard to imagine they would’ve pulled off a sequel without him — either Carrie and Big would’ve had to split by the time the movie picks up, which would be a pretty bleak beginning for a girls-night-out funfest, or Big would have to be conspicuously off on some prolonged business trip or similar. (New Line confirms that Noth will be in the film, but declines to comment on any details.)

On the other hand, Big still causes me all kinds of angst. I didn’t love the TV finale because I never bought that this conflicted man-boy mogul would follow anyone to Paris for a Grand Gesture moment. I didn’t like the feeling that this show had actually been about nailing down the impossible man — who rarely, in real life, chases his true love down to declare his undying ardor. I knew Carrie returned to New York at least partly because she missed her friends, but I wanted to feel like it was 100-percent about them. And to this day, even after tearing up with joy to see Carrie and Big tie the knot at the end of Sex and the City: The Movie, I still wonder if they truly belong together, or if they each would’ve been better off with someone more centered and sane and realistic. (Oh, Aidan.) Then again, maybe I’m just bringing my own Mr. Big issues to the situation (most of us single girls have them) — and maybe that’s just the point, that we all take Sex and the City personally…and we love it all the more for it.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you be happy to see Mr. Big back? Do you think this means Carrie could be pregnant with a little Mr. Big?

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