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'Wolverine': Producer discusses Internet leak at premiere

Just days away from opening in thousands of theaters across the country, X-Men Origins: Wolverine continues to contend with lingering curiosity over the scandal that erupted last month when a bootleg copy of the film appeared online. At Wolverine’s L.A. premiere on Tuesday night, producer Lauren Shuler Donner
told EW that the person or people responsible for the leak still haven’t been caught. “We may never figure
out who did it, and that pisses me off,” she said. “It’s hard
enough in this economy to get these types of films made, and if enough
people bootleg and don’t go to the theater, we won’t be able to make
these movies anymore.” In the meantime, industry sages are focusing their energies on preventing
future leaks of this magnitude. “I don’t know how we protect
ourselves,” Shuler Donner said. “Studios are working on it, and 3D
keeps getting mentioned because you can’t download 3D. But I don’t
want to make every movie in 3D. We gotta figure something out because
it will kill the industry if what happened to us starts happening to
everybody.” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)