Mike Bruno
April 30, 2009 AT 09:34 PM EDT

As a huge fan of Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I have to admit that so far the new episodes for season 6, which kicked off in March, have been a bit lackluster (“Creature From Plaque Lagoon” was pretty good, though). But even if the show is starting to show its age, you gotta hand it to these stoners for continuing to come up with weird-ass stuff, like the upcoming live-action episode on May 31, which stars T-Pain as Frylock (pictured). Apparently, Pain is a huge fan of the show (he often wears an Ignignokt pendant around his neck and actuallydid the voice for the “Die” ventriloquist dummy for the “Dummy Love” ep) so he was more than happy to wear his signature stovepipe hat in french-fry yellow for the part. Props to ATHF for getting world’s preeminent Auto-tune maestro to play a floating box of fries, and the hairy-shouldered Dave Long Jr. (cast from an open audition) makes a great Carl (picture after the jump). I am a bit skeptical of Jon Benjamin (Important Things with Demetri Martin) as the live-action Master Shake, though — couldn’t we get a straw jutting out of his head? Plus, it’s hard to imagine Shake as Shake without Dana Synder doing the voice. But if there’s one reason to forfeit 12 minutes of your life to this nonsense, it’s to see how the exercise ball Meatwad, pictured above with T-Pain, will portray a rolling hunk of ground meat. Anyway, I’ll be there. You?

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