Meeta Agrawal
May 01, 2009 AT 10:33 PM EDT

I was getting ready to come into work this morning (to make beautiful magazine magic for you lot), when the wailing strains of Gwen Stefani beckoned me. No Doubt was back together – and in my living room. (Or, more accurately, on the Today Show to kick off their summer tour.)

Seeing Gwen back in her ska gear Gumbying up a storm, I realized I should be experiencing acute nostalgia: I happened to catch No Doubt in concert in 1995 when they were opening for the Foo Fighters opening for Bush (let’s just take a moment to think about the irony of that pecking order), and I’ve been a fan since. So when they pulled out “Don’t Speak” and dusted off “Spiderwebs” this morning, I guess they were playing to…me. But as my office neighbor Rob said, it was like when Madonna trots out the bondage gear: more than a little inauthentic. In the years since No Doubt, Stefani picked up a family, a glossier sound, and a fashion line that sells shoes for $347. And I like glammy Gwen. But is anyone supposed to believe she could pass for punk these days?

Still, the crowd at Rockefeller Plaza went wild for Gwen and co, so maybe I’m just being hard on my old friends. What do you think? Does the band’s performance this morning have you excited for their tour, and upcoming cameo on Gossip Girl? Or would you, too, like to see Stefani make a sweet escape?

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