Jean Bentley
May 04, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Celebrity Apprentice finalist Annie Duke visited Ellen today to discuss last week’s epic Rivers rant, in which Joan compared Annie to Hitler, Melissa coined the term ”whore pit vipers,” and everybody else wondered what the hell was going on. Annie mentioned how she stayed pretty classy throughout the tirade, defended poker players as being ”awesome people” (hands down my favorite lame comeback ever), and how she, just like the rest of us, is now attempting to work ”whore pit vipers” into her daily vocabulary.

She also had this little tidbit of wisdom about the entire Celebrity Apprentice machine: ”It’s a fake job and you get fake fired.” Too true, Annie. Too true. What do you think about Duke’s appearance? Did she really keep it classy, or is her hatred of the Rivers clan just way more toned-down and passive-aggressive? Who are you rooting for during Sunday’s three-hour Apprentice finale — Annie or Joan?

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