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'Life': Let us mourn its death


I already miss cancelled Life: Damian Lewis and his quizzical expressions, his way of inflecting a line so that it became an inquiry into your state of mind rather than a mere statement. Playing a rich cop who’d been framed, sent to jail, and released, his Charlie Crews – and the entire series created by Rand Ravich – transcended the usual quirky-cop genre.

I wanted another season of Life to see more of Adam Arkin (underutilized this past season), and to be able to take back in print the criticisms I had of Donal Logue’s character. (His Tidwell got more interesting as the series went on.)

Most of all, I just wanted Crews to keep on driving around L.A., roughing up bad guys with the quiet power of a man who’s got nothing to lose. He may have called his attitude Zen; I called it hard-boiled romanticism at its best.

Will you miss Life?