Leah Greenblatt
May 05, 2009 AT 09:58 PM EDT

Grab your headphones, cubicle monkeys, and swivel your screen so the boss thinks you’re hard at work collating those TPS reports; a new crop of music videos just pulled up to the rodeo.

First up: the seemingly unstoppable Taylor Swift’s “You Belong to Me,” in which she plays the dual roles of lovable nerd-girl and nasty cheerleader queen bee in a classic Some Kind of Wonderful scenario. Both compete for the affections of a mop-haired football jock played by actor Lucas Till — apparently the go-to dreamboat for tween-icons (he also plays Miley’s love interest in Hannah Montana: The Movie) — and we’ll let anyone who’s ever seen a John Hughes movie guess how it ends. The label has disabled embedding, so see it here.

Also unstoppable, and equally unembeddable: same-sex smoochie-maker Katy Perry, whose fourth single from One of the Boys is already, apparently, the no. 1 most-added song at top 40 radio this week. And guess what? In her new video, what happens in Vegas — including cameos from locals Penn & Teller — does not at all stay in Vegas.

British folk-soul songbird Adele, she of this year’s Grammy double-whammy, has a new clip for the ruminative piano ballad “Hometown Glory” — not a pick-me-up, exactly, but it suits the song:

While the Asher Roth debate carries on in our comments sections (Izod-grade Eminem? Whack white-boy hack?), make your own judgments of Asleep in the Bread Aisle‘s all-the-single-bros anthem (put a ring on it? He would prefer not to!) “Be By Myself.” And take note of its special guest star — the only man west of Tony Soprano to rock a white velour sweatsuit with impunity, rapper and 50% Gnarls Barkley stockholder Cee-Lo:

Oklahoma rockers All American Rejects follow up the snarky, slow-building hit “Gives You Hell” with the more downbeat, atmospheric “The Wind Blows,” which is giving me serious Mr. Mister vibes:

Finally, epic L.A. rockers Airborne Toxic Event, who have made a new but not dramatically different video for the single “Sometime Around Midnight” (you can see the original, which already has some 1.3 million views, here). Either way, both contain our long-ago EW intern Steven Chen on guitar. Hi Steven! Aren’t you glad you don’t work in magazines anymore?:

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