Tanner Stransky
May 07, 2009 AT 01:55 PM EDT

From Sunday through Wednesday, TV ratings for the five major television networks were delayed — and execs at those networks were none too happy. A story in Variety details how Nielsen Media Research — the organization responsible for telling networks how many viewers watched their television programs — was in damage control yesterday, trying to explain how a computer bug held up reporting the numbers.

Especially right now, as the fates of several on-the-bubble shows are being decided, network execs rely on the numbers to make programming decisions. Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday numbers were finally released, which allowed networks to report full weekly ratings for the period ending May 3. Monday and Tuesday ratings are expected this morning with Wednesday’s fast overnights coming in later today. Now that the snafu is being cleared up, daily TV ratings reports will resume on EW’s Hollywood Insider blog.

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