Jean Bentley
May 08, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Sadly, two of my favorite posts of the week could not overcome the comment-getting force that is American Idol. But not to fear, Enter the Fray is under my control, and I say they make it in anyway. Popping up between Idol-related content were Oprah, The Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor: Tocantins, Castle, and homoeroticism in Wolverine.

12. It’s hard to believe that a superhero movie without any spandex could win the title of Most Homoerotic Superhero Movie Ever, but Tim Stack argued that Wolverine takes the prize.

11. Apparently, so many people took Oprah up on her Kentucky Grilled Chicken offer that they staged sit-ins when their franchises ran out of free poultry.

10. The whore pit vipers of Celebrity Apprentice wrote jingles for Chicken of the Sea tuna, and Annie Duke appeared on Ellen to defend herself against Joan Rivers’ accusations.

9. Idolatry: Could we have an Adam/Allison/Kris finale? Only in your dreams (and mine), Mr. Slezak. Only in your dreams.

8. None of the contestants heeded Michael Slezak’s suggestions of songs they should sing for rock night. LOOK WHERE THAT GOT US, PEOPLE.

7. All you ever wanted to know about this week’s Survivor: Tocantins is conveniently located in host Jeff Probst’s blog.

6. If you send Mandi Bierly a question to ask Nathan Fillion, it’ll totally help save Castle.

5. Whitney Pastorek reported live from a set of tragic Idol shows. First, stage manager/awesomest person ever Debbie suffered a serious injury in Tuesday’s rehearsals. Then, devastatingly, this season’s best contestant was voted off the show. Yeah, EtF is all up in Team Allison. What of it?

4. Michael Slezak ranked Danny Gokey last on this week’s Power List — a logical placement, especially after the frightening scream at the end of his miserable rendition of Aerosmith’s ”Dream On.” Tell us again why he’s still there?

3. Idolatry showed us that not only does Danny Gokey assault our ears on a weekly basis, he also drives Kristen Baldwin to assault others.

2. The performances during rock night spanned the spectrum from rocktagious (Adam, Allison, Adam & Allison) to mediocre (Kris) to downright heinous (Danny). You reacted strongly both during and after the show.

1. Michael Slezak experimented with a live blog during Wednesday’s Idol results show. He even injured himself: ”Live-blogging is giving me a shoulder-ache. Looks like I can skip the gym for the rest of the week. Yay me!” The man works hard for you. Appreciate.

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