Adam B. Vary
May 11, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Oh, wait, I’m sorry — I meant he lost the words to “Billie Jean.” While performing for his hometown crowd in Milwaukee. And he still kept on singing. Thanks to Vote For The Worst, we’ve got yet another reason to bellow “GOOOOOOOOOOKEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!” to the heavens, asking how he ever made it to a top three berth on American Idol. “Enjoy.”

I don’t blame you if you weren’t able to make to the end when Gokey gave up and launched into a far less taxing gospel riff in which he had his backup singers sing various combinations of “Yeah!” back at him, but I do have a few questions, P-Dubs: (1) Do you think the Idol producers actually have the cojones to broadcast footage of Gokey forgetting the words on this week’s performance show? (2) If they do, do you think it would adversely affect his voting numbers, or will it instead just hyptonize Gokey’s minions fan base even further into doing his speed-dialing bidding? (3) Why is Gokey attempting to sing about a woman claiming he fathered her kid in the first place? And (4) Do you think this is more or less entertainingly awkward than the clip of a woman in a mini-skirt and a bikini top bum rushing Adam Lambert during his hometown visit in San Diego? (That clip is after the jump.)

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