Dalton Ross
May 12, 2009 AT 09:56 PM EDT

Were you as bummed as we were when Kate hopped in the sub with Sawyer and Juliet? Jessica Shaw and I discuss the love triangle and more as we preview the big Lost season finale. And here’s a challenge to all you experts: Think you can identify an episode of Lost after seeing only a second or two? If you can name all the episodes in our special Lost video montage, then you could win free Comic-Con passes, a hotel room, and access to our exclusive Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party (where people from Lost were hanging out last year!). Check it out and see how you do (nitty gritty contest rules can be found here). Also on tap, we’re previewing the season finales for The Office and Survivor: Tocantins—the former of which has been totally creatively revitalized, the latter of which I still can’t pronounce properly. Plus, I try not to drool when Jennifer Love-Hewitt stops by to tell us what’s on her Must List. So who should it be for Sawyer—Kate or Juliet? Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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