Mandi Bierly
May 14, 2009 AT 08:02 PM EDT

In a new interview with PETA, Simon Cowell shares his always straight-forward opinion on animal issues. Were Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” playing in the background as we read it, we probably would’ve cried. A few excerpts:

• On dogs being chained outside: “That’s disgraceful….That dog has put his trust in the person who’s chaining him. That dog would give up his life nine times out of 10 for the person who’s chaining him up….For a dog, under those circumstances, just to be left alone, starving to death, lonely and thirsty, is about as low as a person can go. You’ve got to have a really warped, disgusting personality to want to do something like that. That really disgusts me.” 

• On what makes him angriest about someone being cruel to animals: “I think the fact that they get an enjoyment out of it. I think the disrespect — a dog’s sole purpose in life is to guard you, and it’s your responsibility, and the dog will give up his life for you — would literally die for you — is unbelievable!…. Like Michael Vick. He should never, ever be publicly supported again. Ever. If people really knew the gory details of what he was doing….They think it was just a dogfight, but what do you do after the fights? The way they kill the maimed dogs….”

• On America’s First Dog: “I think we’ve got to be balanced on this….On a positive note, I think it’s nice that [the Obamas] have made an issue of buying a dog for the kids. What I think would be great would be if they also took in a shelter dog, just from anywhere, to balance it. I’ll even pay for the dog food!”

• On whether knowing someone is good with animals makes him more inclined to be kind to them after they perform on American Idol: “Well, funny enough, there’s normally something that connects me to them. Certainly with Carrie [Underwood], the second she walked in, I sensed a real kindness about her, and I think it’s part of her appeal. And to me, it just shows that you’re a nicer person….I’ll do more to encourage it. We’ll put it on the questionnaire!”

Visit PETA’s website for the full interview.

So who wants to hug Simon now? Who’s planning on bringing a mutt to their American Idol audition?

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