Margaret Lyons
May 14, 2009 AT 09:22 PM EDT

Season finale…er, season is upon us, and tonight’s 100th episode of The Office is one I’ve been excitedly looking forward to, ever since we found out that it marked the return of Amy Ryan as the thoroughly awesome Holly. (Idris Elba also reprises his role, though I don’t love Charles with the same fervor that I love Holly, so I’m less excited about him.)

Office season finales have to this point involved pivotal moments for Jim and Pam: His confession and their kiss in “Casino Night,”* Jim asking her on their first real date in “The Job,” Jim revealing that he’s going to propose in “Goodbye, Toby.” As much as I love them — which is roughly on par with how much other people love their pets or children — I’m not dying for a big PB&J moment tonight: I’m more looking forward to a Michael and Holly connection, or honestly, an Andy and Kelly one. (Kandy! Please! Make this happen!)

Those finales each asked one central, thematic question: What are you willing to gamble on? What are you able to sacrifice? What do you do when the plan goes awry? A lot has gone on this season, so “Company Picnic” has a lot to work off of — but the stakes, they are high.

I’m holding out hope that Michael will have a moment of dignity. What are you hoping for, PopWatchers?

*Easily one of the best episodes of this show, ever

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