Lindsay Soll
May 15, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Sex and the City‘s fabulous foursome love the men in their lives. So Evan Handler, who plays Harry, adoring husband to Charlotte, hoped he’d be invited back for the sequel to last summer’s box office hit. ”The most logical question, once I heard it was going to happen, was ‘I wonder if they’re going to call me?”’ he recalls. ”Eventually they did. I’m glad that they want Harry back!” Shooting is set to begin in late August in NYC, though the script is still in draft phase. ”I know nothing about it,” the actor says of the plot, but he does have some ideas for writer-director Michael Patrick King. ”If I had a say, Harry and all four women would live together in perverse bliss.” Uh, what about Harry’s two daughters? Laughs Handler, ”Maybe they can go to boarding school.”

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