Annie Barrett
May 15, 2009 AT 10:39 PM EDT

I loved some of the subtleties of Survivor last night — particularly the [scary knife!] sound effect perfectly timed to one of Taj’s best eye rolls, and the utterly random zoom-ins on a giant turtle that looked like it might attack Taj and Erinn in the water. (I had to rewind and make sure I hadn’t missed the turtle “making its move.” Nope. Just a turtle. Possible metaphor for Taj and/or Erinn.) Not so subtle last night: The highly amusing Working-On-a-Pole reward challenge. I think Probst, a junior member of the PopWatch writing staff, is at his hosting best when he embellishes the sexual language just for the hell of it. Jump to 2:30 in the clip below for some of his finest narration of the season. “JT, already workin’ on his pole…Everybody’s now workin’ on their pole!…Coach now in on it! Will his pole reach?” It would not. Do you like it when Survivor tries to get cute?

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