Clark Collis
May 18, 2009 AT 11:20 PM EDT

UK film magazine Empire asked writer-director and former rock scribe Cameron Crowe to make a list of the greatest musical moments in movies. Instead, the Jerry Maguire auteur came back with 36 suggestions. It’s a pretty entertaining selection, and it includes the apocalyptic, Pixies-soundtracked conclusion to Fight Club, which is certainly one of my favorite rock-related scenes. (You can see the clip below, though it’s both foul-mouthed and full of spoilers.)

Meanwhile, his No. 1 choice is a Cat Stevens-assisted sequence from the great Harold and Maude. But there are a number of notable omissions, including the “Tiny Dancer” sequence from Crowe’s own fantastic Almost Famous, and the lack of anything from The Big Lebowski (you could do a Top Ten list which comprised great music moments just from The Big Lebowski. Well, I could.) I’m also 99.9% sure that there’s nothing from The Graduate, although that seems so unlikely that I’m concerned by eyes are deceiving me.

What do you think of Crowe’s list? And what’s your favorite movie-music moment?


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