Mandi Bierly
May 20, 2009 AT 07:29 PM EDT

My cheeks literally hurt last night after watching the final moments of Fox’s Glee. Sad proof that I’m not used to holding that big of a grin, for that long. Watch the performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” again — I’ve embedded that scene below for your (repeat) viewing pleasure — then share your own favorite glee club or show choir memories. You know you want to.

My high school choir wasn’t all that showy, but I did spend one month the summer of my junior year touring Europe with the Sound of America Honor Chorus. Our set list included a South Pacific medley (only the soloists, of which I was not one, got to change out of our red, white, and blue uniforms) and a rock medley. For the latter, we all had to choose between ’50s and ’60s attire. And there was choreography. I primarily just had to work my upperbody (dramatic arm raise!) but when we got to the ’60s section, I had to walk around kinda stoned in what my friend Eva refers to as “the dance of the North American Hippie.” (Note: I brought that tape into the office 10 years ago — she can still recreate it.)

Your turn. If you want to discuss the show itself, head over to Ken Tucker’s Watching TV blog. To find out how you can get the music from last night’s episode, head over to The Music Mix.

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