Simon Vozick-Levinson
May 20, 2009 AT 08:33 PM EDT

Just how many pots does Tom Morello have cooking at this point? In the past year or so, the guitarist has played reunion gigs with Rage Against the Machine; released a sweet sophomore album under his nom de folk, The Nightwatchman; repeatedly joined Bruce Springsteen on stage; recorded an album with the Coup’s Boots Riley under the name Street Sweeper Social Club; made a cameo in Iron Man; and I’m probably leaving a few things out. His schedule got a little more crowded a few days ago, when Sirius XM aired the first episode of Morello’s Axis of Justice radio show. Three Sundays a month, Morello will be taking over the satellite airwaves, with occasional assistance from his pal Serj Tankian of System of a Down. That’s right, this guy is using music to fight global oppression full-time — even on the weekends.

“We will spin rebel jams and we will reveal dangerous truths.” Morello promises in a press release. “If you’re not listening we are not responsible for the consequences.” Nice! Lemme tell ya, if there’s one thing I love more than rebel jams, it is dangerous truths. Check out a clip of Morello performing his Nightwatchman tune “Midnight in the City of Destruction” last year below to give you a taste of the kind of music he’ll be bringing to Sirius XM, then chime in: Are you looking forward to tuning in to Axis of Justice?

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