MAJOR spoiler alert: 'Melrose' twist revealed! |

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MAJOR spoiler alert: 'Melrose' twist revealed!

Melroseplacefight_lMelrose Place is back to its old dirty tricks. The CW’s forthcoming reboot of the classic ’90s sudser will launch this fall with the kind of bombshell revelation that would make Kimberly Shaw’s legendary scar bust open. Unfortunately, unlike that iconic cliffhanger, there ain’t a chance in hell this twist will remain unspoiled before it airs in September. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing leaks in the next week or so. Or today. Or right now after the jump. (Yes, that was your warning. Seriously, this is a gigantic spoiler, so head for the exit if you don’t want to know the bombshell at the center of Melrose 2.0.)

The Melrose pilot – snippets of which were unveiled to advertisers at The CW’s upfront presentation this morning – has been shrouded in the kind of
secrecy more typical of an episode of Lost than a trashy primetime soap. “The pilot script isn’t being released to anyone – not
even to writers who are meeting on the show,” an industry insider
recently whispered. “There’s apparently some twist involving Sydney
that they’re trying to keep under wraps.”

It’s under wraps no more: Someone murdered Sydney! Again!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the dead body found floating
face down in Melrose’s trademark pool in the opening minutes belongs to none other than Laura Leighton’s bitchtastic
ex-stripper. I’m told her death will set in motion a season-long murder
mystery that finds nearly all of the show’s principal characters –
particularly Syd’s ex, Michael (Thomas Calabro) – a possible suspect.

I know what you’re probably thinking: They brought Sydney back to life
only to kill her off in the first 10 minutes?! Sorta. Yes, she
dies (for real) right out of the gate, but Leighton will be sticking
around. An insider confirms that Sydney will be seen via flashback in
multiple episodes. Said flashbacks will explain where’s she’s been and
what really happened after she became road kill more than a decade ago.

I know what you’re also probably thinking: Is this the story Heather
Locker was pitched and ultimately turned down? Yes, that was supposed
to be Amanda Woodward’s bloodied corpse floating in the pool. But when Locklear nixed the offer, producers approached Leighton. (Mystery solved:
Locklear killed Sydney!)

Thoughts on the latest bomb dropped in TV’s most famous courtyard? Does
this make you more or less excited to see Melrose 2.0? And are you
relieved Locklear turned her back on the gig since this means Amanda will live to raise hell another day? Sound off below!