Margaret Lyons
May 21, 2009 AT 08:20 PM EDT

Paula Deen was on the Today show this morning, promoting her new book and cookin’ up a storm, y’all! Dessert with Kathy and Hoda was fine, but things took a turn for the bizarre when she and Matt tag-teamed a beet salad, which starts around 2:35….

I’m going to call this “This is how to tell a goat story, How I Met Your Mother: A play in one act.”

Paula: I’m not a big fan of goat cheese… It takes me back to a day, y’all, there was a goat in my life called Thumper—

Matt: A goat in your life?

Paula: It was actually my aunt and uncle’s goat, Thumper, and he would wee wee in his beard, and it would stink so bad!

Matt: Why did you have to do that!? Did you have to tell the goat wee wee story?!


I have watched this nine times. Seriously, Matt Lauer, 10 bonus points for hilarity.

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