Clark Collis
May 21, 2009 AT 07:18 PM EDT

As someone who isn’t much interested in televised karaoke-singing (and a Brit to boot), I strike a lonely figure in the EW office during the climactic weeks of what I believe you folks refer to as The Idol of the Americas. Why, only yesterday I tried to engage some of my colleagues in a discussion about the current moat-related political crisis in my homeland. But I had barely started to explain the situation when they began blathering on about whether Probably Gay Guy was or was not going to out-croon The Other Guy. (I paraphrase, of course.) Fortunately, last night, The Daily Show tackled said political crisis in a segment that I think is the funniest Jon Stewart and crew have done in a while and also offered a great showcase for the comedic skills of my countryman John Oliver. Or Lord Chuckles of Laughingstonebridgeshire, to give him his official U.K. title. Check it out…


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