Simon Vozick-Levinson
May 22, 2009 AT 06:49 PM EDT

“I am unfeared,” proclaimed Larry King last night. “I am brave and forceful.” The broadcasting legend bestowed those words of praise (one of which is possibly not a word) on himself because he had boldly chosen to sit for an interview on The Daily Show, despite all his advisers’ advisement. He was allegedly there to promote King’s new memoir, but his conversation with Jon Stewart soon became a surreal, awkward, hilarious back-and-forth on…the morality of gambling, I think? “You could be a jockey,” King informed Stewart at one point. He also defended himself against suspicions that he is a degenerate craps-shooter. As always, it remained unclear whether King was in on the joke. The whole thing led up to what Stewart called “one of my favorite answersof all time.” You’ll just have to watch the clip, below, to find out if it’s one of yours, too.

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