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According to, dimpled Twilight star Jackson Rathbone will portray infamous Norwegian black-metaller and imprisoned murderer Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh) in an upcoming biopic called Lords of Chaos.

It may seem like a perfect fit for someone with experience playing a vampire — tackling the role of a musician who, among other things, burned down a series of churches in the early ’90s. But Vikernes’ tale is a notably bleak and dark one, possibly the darkest in rock history, and includes his fatal 1993 stabbing of fellow musician Oystein Aarseth.

It’s all a long way from Robert Pattinson making goo-goo eyes at Kristen Stewart, and one fears for the mental health of young Twilight fans who might be drawn to Lords of Chaos because of Rathbone’s participation. It is also worth noting that Vikernes was not a big fan of the book on which Lords of Chaos will be based, and once described it as “a pool of mud.” And he will be free to register his displeasure at both tome and film — literally. In March, it was announced Vikernes will be paroled after serving 16 years behind bars.

So, Music Mixers, will you be checking out Lords of Chaos? And what do Twilight fans make of Rathbone’s choice?
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