Marc Bernardin
May 25, 2009 AT 08:22 AM EDT

I don’t usually go in for fan-made trailers for films that’ll likely never get made, created using footage from their favorite totally-non-related movies…but this spot for a Green Lantern movie starring Nathan Fillion hits me in two sweet spots:

Sweet Spot #1: Nathan Fillion. My man-crush on Captain Tightpants is well-documented. I’ll watch anything the man is in. Mandi Bierly and I have weekly thumb-wrestling tourneys to decide who gets to wear the EW’s Biggest Filli-fan Ceremonial Hawaiian Shirt.

Sweet Spot #2: Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek score. Nothing I’ve heard in a good long while summons the same feeling of heroic grandeur/call of destiny.

I still stand by my “Brian Austin Green would be pretty rad as Hal Gordon” stance. But only if Nathan passes. Because I’m a loyal Browncoat, and that’s how we roll. Geek tirade over.

Any fan-created trailers float your boat? Anyone else you’d rather see as Hal Jordan? Anyone else you dig as much as I dig Nathan Fillion?

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