Drag Me to Hell | EW.com


(Melissa Moseley)

Starring: Alison Lohman, Justin Long
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Release date: May 29

For anyone feeling hammered by the recession, Drag Me to Hell is the wish-fulfillment horror flick for you. Lohman (White Oleander) plays an ambitious bank exec given a tough choice: Offer a desperate old crone yet another extension on her home loan or foreclose and put her on the street. She opts for the latter, pleasing her boss — but earning a curse that sics a brutal demon upon her. ”She makes one bad choice, and spends the next 80 minutes of the movie paying for it. Actually, overpaying for it,” giggles Raimi, returning to his Evil Dead roots after three Spider-Man opuses. Raimi, who wrote the script with brother Ivan, had been trying to produce the film for over a decade. He didn’t get a green light until he offered to direct it himself. He also recruited Evil Dead collaborators like cinematographer Peter Deming and F/X whiz Greg Nicotero. ”It was really easy to return to our old goals of just scaring the audience and grossing them out,” says Raimi. ”It was like hanging out with my old school chums.”