Kate Ward
May 26, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Kate Moss, author? Although Hell hasn’t frozen over yet, the supermodel just might be able to add that credential to her resume. Believe it or not, Moss is rumored to be teaming up with a ghostwriter (singer-turned-writer Louise Wener) to pen a novel about a young model plucked from obscurity and hurled into the spotlight (her reps have yet to return EW’s confirmation requests). To which I say: Really, Kate? Now, I understand that book sales are often celebrity-driven — I’m sure a doodle book by Stephen Baldwin would even attract a few consumers — but is the literary universe really begging for a Kate Moss byline? And if Moss is going to write a book, why not give us what we want: a full-fledged memoir, not just a thinly veiled novelization of her life?

Of course, at this point, we’re working on pure conjecture, so it’s hard to judge any future Kate Moss-branded novels. But if said novel does end up on the bookstands, I have a feeling it might resemble L.A. Candy, Lauren Conrad’s upcoming YA novel about a California girl who moves to the big city, only to find herself smack dab in the middle of a reality series (original, no?). And while Conrad’s novel does actually provide a bit of insight into the world of fake-reality television, I doubt Moss will be able to honestly portray the world of modeling without inciting a media s—storm. Finally, England already has one author named Kate Mosse, so why add to the confusion?

Anyway, would you read a Kate Moss novel? Or would you, like me, prefer to leave writing to the John Updikes and Margaret Atwoods of the world?

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